Rhonda Fenwick: Photographic

Past, Present and Future

Visual art and photography for me is a way of capturing unique moments that speak to a universal human condition. I am interested in the passage of time and what remains. I explore the effects of time on memory, identity and nature. Our memories are based on our histories, and experiences and can dwell in either light or shadow. Some memories are strong and vibrant and sometimes they are buried in our subconscious, faint and blurred. Our memories may be filled with gaps, like our childhood memories. Because our memories are so intertwined with language I like to explore the importance of words, and sentences... snatches of memory lingering in and out of consciousness. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Stories become our compass by which we navigate through our memories and discover our core being. We use our stories to build our sanctuaries. I am always searching and discovering my past memories in order to create my current body of work. With the passage of time there is a transience depicted with recollections, gaps or faded memory, traces and layers.