Rhonda Fenwick: Painting to Music

Painting to Music

Many artists, psychologists, and musicologists agree on the relationship between music and the arts. There is an opportunity to gain from accepting, exploring, and understanding how music affects arts, especially the painting process. To understand this process, I listen to different musical genres as I paint. The music affects the subconscious mind, resulting in a different painting.

painting in blues and greens inspired by In an Octopuses' Garden, The Beatles
In an Octopuses' Garden — The Beatles
painting in reds and pinks inspired by Shine on you Crazy Diamond, Pnk Floyd
Shine on you Crazy Diamond — Pink Floyd

painting in blues and tans inspired by Thread, Keane
ThreadI — Keane
painting in greens and tans inspired by Thread, Keane
ThreadII — Keane

painting in blues and oranges inspired by Handel's Water Music
Handel's Water Music