Princess of the Swans

Created for the FLOW competition organised by the Canals and Rivers Trust

Written by Rhonda Fenwick
Story by Annette Mitchell
Illustrations by Marco Consentino

The Spirit of the River

Concept and drawings: Rhonda Fenwick
Story and narration: Annette Mitchell, Agatha Cosentino
Animation: Marco Cosentino
Music: The River Song by Girls Brigade - 1st Burnham Branch

Flow Photo is a new national photographic competition which is now open for entries. The Canal & River Trust and Future Water Association invite both amateur and professional photographers from across the UK to submit their images on the theme of water. The project aims to raise awareness and encourage debate about water in all aspects as seen through the photographer and film-maker’s lens. Both the call for entries and exhibition phase will celebrate the enjoyment that people gain from being near water, and will promote the therapeutic effects that water, canals and rivers can have.


Working in collaboration with sculptor Gina Martin and young people from the local community in Burnham Beeches. The work is concerned with issues of climate change and the importance of trees. Also including responses to the environment using found objects in the forest to produce artworks.

Elementals, 6 mins 54 secs (Quicktime) - opens in a new window ->

Leaf sculpture  Split screen view of classroom and paper making  Finished papers